1. What’s the difference between ‘open stock’ and ‘custom’ fabrics?

Open stock fabrics are designs we’ve created for our ‘stock’ that are available to anyone to purchase. Custom fabrics are fabrics that are designed just for you, using images of your horses or companion animals, to create a special fabric that is unique to you! It will never be sold to anyone else, so you know you will be the only one who has it!

2. Do you ever sell your custom fabrics to anyone not the original purchaser?

No. We’re happy to print more of the fabrics for the original purchaser, but we will not sell our custom fabrics to anyone who isn’t the original owner.

3. What can I have put on my fabric?

We are happy to create G-rated designs using your horse or companion animals. We can technically put any discreet object into an attractive textile design. We love animals best, but we can put your collection of collectible antique vehicles into a textile collection if you’d like.

4. I have no idea where to start!

We have several useful tools to help you, and of course, our designers will work with you every step of the way once you’ve decided on a package.

For example, we have base templates we start from, such as a classic all-over non-directional scatter print, directional stripes and bias, and so on. Pick a general style that you like (scatter, etc.) based on what you plan to do with the fabric.  We make suggestions about that with the templates.

There’s a limited range of colors to choose from (it’s a pretty big number, most people won’t feel hampered). Pick some colors you like and we can narrow it down in the process. Our designers are trained at developing textiles and they will tell you in advance if your design ideas will or won’t work.

5. I really want to have a shirt made with my horse Black Beauty on it. Is this like a T-shirt?

No, not at all, although we can develop a design that can be printed on a T-shirt and help you with a t-shirt printing order. We actually focus on printed designs that are printed on ‘woven fabrics’ here in the United States. Those fabrics can be turned into a range of things: saddle carriers, dress shirts, neck ties, scarves, bandannas, dog beds, halters, saddle pads, hand bags, curtains, comforter covers, and much, much more!

6.What kind of fabric can I get?

We can produce your design in the following fabric types:

  • Basic Combed Cotton (suitable for quilting, appliqué, shirting, dresses, children’s clothing, and home decor.)
  • Kona® Cotton (suitable for quilting, appliqué, shirting, dresses, children’s clothing, and home decor.)
  • Cotton Poplin (suitable for quilting, shirting, skirts, dresses, pajamas, and home decor.)
  • Cotton Voile (suitable for dresses, blouses, lingerie, scarves and handkerchiefs.)
  • Cotton Silk (suitable for dresses, blouses, pajamas, lingerie, lining, quilting, accessories including stocks and neckties, and home decor accents.)
  • Linen-Cotton Canvas (suitable for table cloths, tea towels, dresses, bags, and pillows; also saddle pads, tack carriers)
  • Organic Cotton Interlock Knit (suitable for many kinds of children and adult apparel items, including t-shirts, dresses, baby clothes, and more.)
  • Organic Cotton Sateen (suitable for for clothing, pillows, curtains, upholstery, horse and dog blankets, saddle pads, tack carriers, stall curtains and stall decorations.)
  • Heavy Cotton Twill (suitable for upholstery projects, home decorating, pants, tote bags, banners, coats and jackets, window draperies, tablecloths, place mats, horse and dog blankets, saddle pads, tack carriers, stall curtains and stall decorations.)
  • Silk Crepe de Chine (suitable for dresses, blouses, pajamas, lingerie, lining fabrics, neckties, stocks, and scarves.)

7. I’m convinced. I really want a dress shirt to wear at my next horse show, with my horse on it! What’s involved?

You need to be able to provide us first with 3-4 focused, sharp images of your horse in the pose/s you’d like featured. The images need to be in a digital format (JPG, PNG, TIFF) at 200 dpi (dots per inch). Images should be minimum 3″x5″ (600 pixels x 1000 pixels) to a maximum of 5″x7″ (1000 pixels x 1400 pixels).  If you are using images you purchased from a professional photographer, you are responsible for requesting permission from him or her to use her work in this fashion.  We recommend using images photographed by you or a friend.

Then, pick out 3-4 colors you like.

Finally, fill out our order form. We’ll ask you a few semi-technical questions such as what kind of material you want, what your intended use of the fabric is, what design styles(s) you like, what colors(s) you like, and then some basic information including your contact details. Don’t worry about answering questions on the order form ‘wrong’. There will be ample opportunity for you to talk to your designer about what you want.

Because this is a couture service, you can expect communications from us within 24 hours. We’ll contact you by the method you prefer (telephone or email).

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