Ordering Your Couture Fabric

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of turning your horse picture into a fabric. Before we start, please make sure you have a suitable picture of your horse (or whatever you want us to turn into a textile design).

A good picture is:

  • Sharp and well focused, with the horse well-defined.
  • Not too dark, with good contrast between horse and background.
  • 200 dpi
  • A digital image in JPG, PNG, or TIFF form
  • Minimum of 3″x5″ (600 pixels x 1000 pixels) to a maximum of 5″x7″ (1000 pixels x 1400 pixels).
  • Last but not least, you must own the copyright or have permission from whomever does. If your professional photographer took your image, you must have permission from him or her to use it to make your textile print.

Next, pick out 3-4 colors you like from this color chart. Don’t pick colors that are close in ‘value’ (i.e., monochrome). Our designers will take care of that for you!

Pick out the basic style(s) you like. Here are some options:

Random Scatter:

Block Repeat (One-Way or Unidirectional)

Brick Repeat (One-Way or Unidirectional)

Half-Drop Repeat (One-Way or Unidirectional)

Two-Way or Bidirectional Block Repeat




Don’t worry if you aren’t sure just yet which pattern you like best as there will be opportunities to change your choices once you’ve talked to your designer.

Finally, fill out our order form. We’ll ask you a few semi-technical questions such as what kind of material you want, what your intended use of the fabric is, what design styles(s) you like, what colors(s) you like, and then some basic information including your contact details. Don’t worry about answering questions on the order form ‘wrong’. There will be ample opportunity for you to talk to your designer about what you want.

The Couture Horse is a couture service. Please expect communications from us within 24 hours. We don’t work weekends, so if you complete the form on the weekend, expect a call or email on Monday. We’ll contact you by the method you prefer (telephone or email).

Ready to order? Great, let’s start!

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