Custom Fabrics Starring Your Horse!

Haven’t you always known your horse is a star?

Well, now you can show the world what you think of your four-legged companion and put his or her image on a fabric that you can wear as a shirt, blouse, necktie, or use in a saddle blanket and much, much more.

Here are some ideas for you:

1. Your horse added to an ‘art scene’ and printed to make a special couture yoke to put on your show shirt. We can even mark locations of rhinestone placements. This is great for rodeo and western riders!

2. Your horse/s put onto a Christmas stocking.

3. Your horse on a pillow, apron or other household item. Maybe you’d like placemats with all of your horses or pets included?

4. How about commemorating that ‘special show win’ with a shirt listing the year and show and your horse’s winning picture?

5. Want your barn colors on your dog or horse blanket? We can do that.

6. Tack box or cage covers? Yes, we can put your pet, horse or barn name into a print that will always be unique to you.

7. How about some cut-and-sew Christmas ornaments starring your cast of barnyard characters?

8. Want your horse’s image put on a pillow or a comforter cover?

9. How about making him into a toy?

10. Maybe you’d like a chair upholstered with your champions!

We are happy to help, just contact us through our order form. Or email us and let us know what’s on your mind.

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