About The Couture Horse

The Couture Horse grew out of a conversation at a local horse show we attended. In search of reference images for our Saddlebred collection, we were out chatting up the riders of these glorious equines.  The riders were fascinated by the idea that people designed the fabrics they used in their day-to-day activities and had a lot of questions about our work. In turn, we had a lot of questions about their outfits and equipment.

We had a real light bulb moment when we asked to take a picture of a horse’s head and explained we wanted to use it for an element in one of our textile designs. The young woman lit up and said, you’ll use my horse on your fabric? I’d buy that.

At which point, it occurred to us that designing custom fabric showcasing people’s horses, cats, or dogs is not much different from designing for our open stock collections. And out of that a-ha moment, The Couture Horse was born.

The Couture Horse is a service to let you have your favorite horse printed as a repeating textile design onto fabric, in a way that lets you use that fabric for shirts, saddle blankets, horse blankets, curtains or anything made out of fabric!  We work with you to develop a unique fabric design that you can order in a range of fabric options from 100% cotton to silk and linen.  This will be your design, unique to you. It will never be sold or licensed elsewhere. Anything that you make up (or have made up) with this fabric will be completely, gloriously yours. You will never see your shirt/saddle pad/dog blanket anywhere else.

How it works:

Look through our site and get an idea of the kind of print you like (scatter, medallion, stripe, etc.). Decide what color/s you like (it helps us a lot if you have a picture showing a color you like). Make sure you have a sharp digital image of your horse/s or pet/s that you want to have turned into a fabric print. Fill out our form, and a designer will be in touch with you!

The process:

Creating custom fabrics is a multi-part process: Design, approval, strike-off, approval, manufacture, shipment.

During design, our designers work with you to create the perfect pattern print design in the color/s you have chosen.

We show you the designs and get your approval on file for one or more print patterns.

We order ‘strike-offs’ of the prints. Strike-offs are 8″x8″ swatches of material with the designs printed on them.

After we review the strike-offs and approve them, we mail a portion of the strike-off to you for your review and approval.

Based on your decisions with the strike-offs, we order your fabrics manufactured from our printing house located in North Carolina here in the United States.

We review your fabrics upon arrival to make sure the colors are accurate to the original swatch, and to make sure there are no fiber flaws.

Then, depending on what you asked us to do (send you or a manufacturer the fabric or have it made up into something) we ship the fabric directly to you or to our local trusted maker partners to have your material turned into a shirt, neck tie, scarf, pillow, curtains, dog bed, saddle pad, tack carrier, hand bag or whatever you have requested.

Once we receive the finished garment/article from our makers, we inspect it a last time to make sure it passes quality control, and then we send it off to you to wear proudly, showcasing your companion!

The Couture Horse is proudly American and uses American design talent, American printing, and American ingenuity to deliver to you a unique, quality, couture material showcasing your horse!

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