Image Search! Saddlebreds & Arabians

We’re starting work on two new open stock collections. One is for Arabians and one is for Saddlebreds. We need 6-8 good, clean pictures of these breeds to use as reference images for our fabric designs. Would you like to help, and have your horse appear in one of our fabrics?

If so, read on…

In return for your help, we will develop a unique textile design, just for you, that you and only you will ever have access to through our ordering system (it will be different from our Open Stock prints).  There are some limits to this offer of course – we won’t color match; you must choose from our ‘basic’ templates; you can choose the general color you want and we will develop one print in one colorway for you.

What we look for in reference pictures: a ‘good picture’ is one that is:

  • Sharp and well focused, with the horse well-defined.
  • Not too dark, with good contrast between horse and background.
  • 200 dpi
  • A digital image in JPG, PNG, or TIFF form
  • Minimum of 3″x5″ (600 pixels x 1000 pixels) to a maximum of 5″x7″ (1000 pixels x 1400 pixels).
  • Last but not least, you must own the copyright or have permission from whomever does. For Open Stock collections, you must either have taken the picture yourself of your horse.

You must be able to provide us with a Creative Commons 3.0 license for your image. We are happy to provide attribution for your horse picture/s in the sale details for the Open Stock collections.  If you desire attribution, your attribution will appear only in those designs where your image was used.

We are looking for some specific poses and colors. If you do not have pictures of your horse in those poses, we cannot use them for our Open Stock collections. If you really, really want your horse in a fabric, please visit our link for ordering a Couture Fabric (we’re happy to help with that).

For the Saddlebreds (we prefer sorrel/chestnut/bay horse/s;  no paint/pinto markings):

1. Parked out Pose with Rider

2. Park trot, with two hooves on ground and the other two at the top of the action, with Rider

3. Rack with one front leg at top of action, with Rider

4. Parked out Halter Pose with Head Straight

5. Parked out Halter Pose with Head Turned Towards Camera

6. Canter, no rider, one hind hoof on ground and other hooves in air

7. Canter, no rider, in extension with 3 hooves down and one up (front or back is fine)

For the Arabians (we prefer grays of any tone, bright chestnuts, bays;  no paint/pinto markings; also no  non-Arabian colors eg buckskin/palomino):

1. Classic halter pose with 2 front feet slightly apart and one hind leg forward and one back, head up, ears pricked

2. Rearing and ‘striking’ out (no rider)

3. Elevated trot, tail flagged, no rider

4. Collected canter, tail flagged, no rider, 3 hooves on ground

4. Collected canter, tail flagged, no rider, 3 hooves off ground

5. Gallop, tail flagged, no rider, 4 hooves off ground

6. Gallop, tail flagged, no rider, 1 or more hooves on ground

7. Head shots showcasing classic Arabian profile – straight profile or slightly turned toward camera

If you have any or all of these, please e-mail us (shenlei @  couturehorse. com) and let us know which breed/s; pose/s; and color/s you have.

Do not send your pictures (yet). We’re looking forward to the process, and hope you are, too!



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